Serial shoplifter goes to prison

Serial shoplifting offender Steven Sharpe has received a 22 month custodial sentence after appearing in court charged with muiltiple counts of theft from Cheltenham stores. Sharpe had received an 18 month suspended sentence in April of this year after promising the Judge that he was determined to turn his life around.  Regrettably he contined to steal clothing, meat and fragrances from a number of town centre stores, committing three thefts in May and eleven in June. The suspended 18 month sentenced of 18 months was imposed with an additional 4 months added consecutively for the recent thefts.

Safer taxi queues thanks to body worn CCTV

Taxi marshals in Cheltenham are equipped with the latest body worn CCTV cameras.

The busy Promenade rank serves an average of around 1500 people each weekend and considerably more during special events such as the Festivals and Gold Cup race meeting. Taxi ranks have historically been hot spots for disorder and the introduction of the marshals in 2009 has led to a considerable reduction in incidents.